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Welcome to The Psychology Podcast with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, where we give you insights into the mind, brain, behavior and creativity. Each episode will feature a guest who will stimulate your mind, and give you a greater understanding of yourself, others, and the world we live in. Hopefully, we’ll also provide a glimpse into human possibility! Thanks for listening and enjoy the podcast.

Jul 9, 2020

Today it’s great to have Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal on the podcast. Herzog’s writing has appeared in an array of publications, and she’s a former staff writer at the Seattle Alt. Weekly: The Stranger. Singal is a contributing writer at New York Magazine where he previously edited Science of Us, a behavioral science vertical. He also has a newsletter where he writes about behavioral science, media, and other stuff, the other stuff part being: a lot of other stuff. His book about half-baked viral psychology: The Quick Fix, is coming out in about a year. Together, Herzog and Signal co-host the Blocked and Reported Podcast.

NOTE: This is a Patreon exclusive episode, which means that only the first half is available for public consumption. The rest of the episode is only available to Patreon subscribers.